Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 10 things that would happen to you if you visited Salem, the fictional setting of Days of our Lives

I've heard through the New York Post that Days of our Lives will possibly be cancelled. On such a sad occasion, Kathy and I would like to honor this show's long and storied history with a little Top 10 list to think about when visiting this bustling New England hamlet.

When visiting Salem, ...

10. Your evil twin would probably abduct you and pretend to BE you in an effort for to impregnate herself/kill your husband.

9. Your child/younger sibling may age drastically from toddler to teenager in the coarse of one semester of study in Salem's boarding schools.

8. Mind control may be used to turn you into as a serial killer in order to destory enemies of local billionaire, Stephano DiMera.

7. You may be killed by a masked serial killer only later to be found alive on a deserted island.

6. The Devil may cross your path and posses you, but you'll be fine as long as you're with your TRUE love (that season).

5. Fainting may occur and reult in a concussion; once awake, you have amnesia and fall in love with your half-brother only to find out AFTER you kiss.

4. You or your friends/family may be recast by a completely different person, but you will not be allowed to acknowledge the change.

3. It becomes apparent to you that you were sent away as a child to grow up with friends of your family that couldn't have kids; in truth, you are indeed a Horton.

2. You are invited to take a boat ride with local madman and be held captive there for at least a month (soap time: several hours).

1. You become romantically linked with both John Black and Bo Brady instigating a cat fight with Marlena Brady, Hope Williams, and yourself most likely resulting in your 2nd death and possible 2nd resurrection due to the fact that your body was lost on the way to the morgue.

Long live Salem!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cats No More

10:47] andysavage: btw, don't get another cat
[10:47] andysavage: 2 are enough
[10:52] Alissa : i don't want another one
[10:55] andysavage: good
[10:55] Alissa : why'd you think i was getting another one?
[10:58] andysavage: didn't
[10:58] andysavage: just wanted to prempt
[11:00] Alissa : thanks toots
[11:00] Alissa : but i think i want a real live man
[11:00] andysavage: having a cat is not a plus for a guy
[11:00] andysavage: just a note
[11:00] Alissa : so the fact i have 2 is bad?
[11:00] andysavage: yes
[11:00] Alissa : oh man i am never having sex again
[11:00] andysavage: it's a sign
[11:00] andysavage: little red flag
[11:01] andysavage: and it gets bigger as the number of cats grows
[11:01] Alissa : what kinda sign? i got them WITH my old bf, by the by
[11:01] andysavage: oh...that's his way of ensuring you stay single
[11:01] andysavage: he's a bastard
[11:01] Alissa : awesome, thanks

Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been a year (almost) since I've posted here. Not without good reason, might I add. Virtual diaries are hardly what I'd consider a good time. I might as well be talking to myself. Given that I do on occasion, I don't see a reason why a good stream-of-consciousness writing isn't somewhat therapeutic. That said, here are some additional ramblings.

Today is the day that I [finally] created my Facebook profile page. To be honest, it is one of the few times I've subsided to peer pressure. I normally dance to the beat of my own drums, but something in me today, and 15 spare minutes needed to occupy Monday at work boredom, made me do it. Also, I was pressured by my Mommie (and dear) friend Kathy. Kathy can also be thanked for my MySpace page. Again, if not for her, the world would be at a complete loss.

It wasn't hard to be honest. I thought I'd be FORCED to write about my "favorite things" or "what I'm reading" or some such garbage. I do love to read, don't get me wrong. However, I like that to be a personal thing and not a qualifier on whether you should be my friend. In fact, where's the mystery anymore. We put ourselves out in the "blogosphere" to make friends that would otherwise not be our friends? No. We actually do it to keep the friends we have.

I know folks all over. I know alot of people. Not all are on Facebook, but not all were on any of the other profile creators out there. I have been able to connect with folks from my past. Many from different times of my past. All of which cross my mind from time to time as folks I care about and wish the best for. It warms my heart to see the people I knew and to have them see me. That connection never goes away and who knows what more there is to find.

I was reluctant, but pleasantly surprised at the results. Yes, my friend, you were right.
Thank you.
Mercy Sparx #1
Justice Society of America #19
Titans #6

Thursday, November 22, 2007

7 Days and 7 Nights

Hello, Out There.

This is my indoctrination into the Blogosphere. There is much to learn from simple observation. And, trust me, it's all simple when you break it down. Thank you for reading.

Countdown #23
Shadowpact #19
Countdown to Mystery #3
52 Volume #4