Friday, November 21, 2008

Cats No More

10:47] andysavage: btw, don't get another cat
[10:47] andysavage: 2 are enough
[10:52] Alissa : i don't want another one
[10:55] andysavage: good
[10:55] Alissa : why'd you think i was getting another one?
[10:58] andysavage: didn't
[10:58] andysavage: just wanted to prempt
[11:00] Alissa : thanks toots
[11:00] Alissa : but i think i want a real live man
[11:00] andysavage: having a cat is not a plus for a guy
[11:00] andysavage: just a note
[11:00] Alissa : so the fact i have 2 is bad?
[11:00] andysavage: yes
[11:00] Alissa : oh man i am never having sex again
[11:00] andysavage: it's a sign
[11:00] andysavage: little red flag
[11:01] andysavage: and it gets bigger as the number of cats grows
[11:01] Alissa : what kinda sign? i got them WITH my old bf, by the by
[11:01] andysavage: oh...that's his way of ensuring you stay single
[11:01] andysavage: he's a bastard
[11:01] Alissa : awesome, thanks

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